What If

by Kimberly Inglis


It seems smart to avoid what brings the most pain

But hmmm… then again…


I just can’t, I held up for so long but I adore pain is what it seems like

Now I know the pain of losing this fight

How do you cope with a dream that was broken from the start?

When you found out too late and knew you couldn’t turn back

Or rather you ignored earlier warnings resulting in your self-inflicted pain

Was it all time spent in vain?


Don’t want to be stuck in the memory

‘What’ and ‘If’ so perfect when they’re apart

But together it hurts, it rips out your heart

Seems much like the story we both share

Much like the reason for every tear

And so as much as I try to erase it from my mind

There’s always that ‘what if’ brewing on the inside


What if:

Fairy tales went beyond just endless lines

And everlasting love was not impossible to find


What if:

Your heart’s desire would coincide with the other

Bringing the happiness you sought after


What if:

You didn’t have to depend on what others would say

Cause you experienced it yourself. Luckily hope passed your way


What if:

You could just bask in the freedom of expressing how you felt

Knowing without a doubt that what people said was what they meant


They say, ‘What would you attempt to do if you knew you couldn’t fail?’

What WOULDN’T I do seems more appropriate

Hmmm. What would I do?


Have you ever realised how we react when we get the ‘freedom’ we so longed for

The way all the things we planned seem to exist no more

It’s because we know all too well what we ought to do

And fool ourselves into thinking that the false things in life must somehow be true


But I no longer want to be a fool for loving you

When we both know it’s never coming true

I can no longer falsify what remains a reality

The obvious and fatalistic separation between you and me

So again I’m starting over hoping that even if a little you can in some way identify

Cause we promised not to say another word and I really try


Even as I close this envelope and send it far away

I know that there’s so much I didn’t say

But true love has a way of filling those spaces

And so all I wrote was all that was needed


Signed, sealed and delivered

Most truly, Your Forbidden love


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articlesinspire June 22, 2015 - 6:06 pm

Beautiful 🙁 . The sad thing about pain is it demands to be felt.

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