Slow Down

by Kimberly Inglis

When did we start choosing between a great sense of security
And all the things that make us happy?
Well I wanted both, in a sense I demanded it
But before that there was a list to complete

Why doesn’t time slow down so I can do it all?
Postponing as if I could put it off forever
Not now,maybe later, just a little while longer
I have to meet all the deadlines that were laid out from the beginning of time
Thank you society for mapping out my life
And by allowing me not to think,I forced myself to comply
I must finish somehow
Priorities and dreams
Dreams and priorities
Should there be a difference?
Which do you choose in the end?

Why doesn’t time slow down so I can do it all?
Childhood flies by for some reason
But they say time flies when you’re having fun
Then comes the difficult and gruelling existence
Of a horrid stage called adolescence
School, friends, emotions, changes
It all comes in different stages
Work harder, be smarter, be greater
Give more, because your all is somehow not enough

Why doesn’t time slow down so I can do it all?
You do more but gain less
Lose sleep and increase stress
Accept wrongs without redress
The problems are endless
And life just seems senseless

You spiral out of control until you’re stopped suddenly by the force of
Disoriented as to how you got there
So you stumble and try to figure it out
And just when you think you’ve got it together
The pieces fall apart even faster
Faster than you can bare to repair
Because it’s all too much

So why doesn’t time just slow down so I can do it all?
You only now decide to depend on he who could have helped from the start
And you’re amazed at the great difference that a change in perspective can bring
Now you know how to value all that you’ve unfortunately wasted
Time is running out in this journey called life
And as I sit here reflecting
I realise that it was never the time that was meant to slow down

It was me.

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