Relationship Math

by Kimberly Inglis

Let’s review some lessons
Listen up, take notes
Class is now in session

We started with a universal set in a world that was ours to treasure
There was a point where we intersected
However, we soon found ourselves in two separate circles
We no longer had anything in common

Question #1
We were different in the numerators of our personality
And the parts of myself that I gave to you were never enough to make you whole
You always wanted to be greater
So how can the two become one without a common denominator?

Question #2
All I have is one heart and I shared it all with you but you didn’t appreciate it.
How many broken pieces am I now left with?
Too many to count
So the problem can’t be solved

Question #3
Brackets, orders, divide, multiply, add, subtract
You placed me in a bracket so I was easier to manipulate
And dished out orders as a means of control
This divided and diminished the love I had for you
And only multiplied my doubts
Which added to my fears and confusion
This could only lead to your subtraction
You have to be taken away as you are an unnecessary distraction

You are so negative that you cancel all my positive efforts
Your hurtful words are like recurring decimals in my mind
They’re never ending
You surpass the limits of disappointment on a scale of one to infinity
You’re an abstract and incomprehensible entity

Somehow I feel as though there’s someone else in this equation
And that unknown variable is x
Specifically your ex
Your ex plus me plus you could never equal us
I don’t want to be caught in a love triangle
While you challenge me to look at it from a different angle
But to me it just seems like you’re more than friends
It can’t just be all in my head

The probability that you would leave was always greater than the chance that you would stay
Unfortunately I realised when I had already given it all away
I know what the answer should be but I don’t know how to work it out
I’m stuck thinking of what this could all be about

So all I seem to have are questions without answers
All we seem to create are problems without solutions
These are all things we could have dealt with, if you only paid more attention
If only you weren’t always absent
So …
Maybe it’s not that u can’t do Math accurately
Or maybe it’s me
Maybe we’re both strong in Math and what’s really weak is our Chemistry

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