Ode To 2015 (Inspired By Song Titles)


These are all my thoughts
I’m thinking out loud for 2015

For all my successes
When we were young we all had many wishes
Without knowing if or when they’d come to pass
This year I’ve managed to acheive quite a lot
Many of which seemed impossible
Even in my wildest dreams
So I’m proud to look myself in the mirror and say
“Girl you earned it”

For the hard times
It wasn’t all fun and games
At times I felt as if I got locked away
Drink it all away was what they’d say
Just shut up and dance with me…
Like no one’s watching
But they were all starring
So watch me…
Watch me whip away what keeps me down
And leave them all in 2015 where they belong

To those I long to reconnect with
I’d hate to think that this is how it ends
It’s like I feel the chemicals in my bloodstream
Just tell me! What do you mean?
Because your silence tells me nothing
Thinking to myself if it’s too late now
To say sorry for all I’ve done
It’s time to rid ourselves of this bad blood
I’m hoping that a new year brings second chances

To falling in and out of love
I’ll be needing stitches for the wounds I now have
All I wanted was someone to love me like you do
I was sick of the same old love of 2014
Tired of trying when you just couldn’t see
That you’re the one I want to want me
To be my cheerleader when things get harder
My sugar when life gets bitter
Till I can’t feel face when I’m with you
But I love it …when we’re together
And there’s no need to get jealous
When your lips are moving and you are all I need
But it only lasts for
Five seconds
So prove to me how deep is your love
My elastic heart can only take so much
Just focus on me
Cuz if you want it I’m willing to work for it
If not then go love yourself
Just know that I’ll always be here
Cuz baby I’m perfect for you

To those whom we have lost
We may have all lost someone very dear
So to those who won’t accompany us into a new year
To those for whom we’ve shed many tears
We keep this love in a photograph
And cherish the memories
And as we struggle to put the pieces back together
All we need is somebody to lean on
To be there and tell us that it will all be ok
And we wait in hope that one day we will see you again

Here’s to the upcoming adventure of a lifetime
I’m ready to fill in the blank space ahead
These are all my thoughts
I’m thinking out loud for 2015
Hello 2016…. it’s me


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