They will know you by your…. jewellery?

by Kimberly Inglis


Yet another request came in for a blog post, this time from overseas. For those who are unable to read the text it says:

Show your faith with religious jewelry. Easter Sunday March 27th.

I’ve been putting this one off for a while but I’ve finally beaten procrastination so here goes. Believe it or not it’s still Easter and so this post is quite appropriate. One day on my way home from work I fought the great fight to keep my eyes open as I was determined not to endure the embarrassment and hassle of missing my stop or being caught with my mouth wide open. In between sleep and wake I heard an ad on the radio encouraging consumers to get ready for Easter by taking advantage of the great sales to get their flip flops and have the cooler ready for that trip to the beach. Using those standards, I would have been considered well underprepared for Easter. Furthermore, there was always an enthusiastic conversation filled with well informed opinions of where to get the ‘bess’ hot cross buns. Comments would range from ‘nah their own too dry’ to ‘hmm dem duz rel minge on the icing’ and of course we can’t exclude the ‘they rel expensive, I should try to make my own ting home’. While there is nothing wrong in all of this, we must know how to strike a balance.

As I looked at the picture above all these thoughts came to mind and I couldn’t help but join that group of ‘holiday haters’ even if temporarily. We all know someone that boasts of membership to this group, those who refuse to indulge in the highly consumerized nature of celebrations such as Mother’s day, Valentine’s day and even Christmas.  I am not imposing my religious views on anyone, which is why I highlighted Mother’s day and Valentine’s day but we can all agree that consumerism is at times an all too powerful driving force in society.

Mother’s day seems to overcompensate for all other days of the year with extravagant purchases being made. Valentine’s day is a competition among lovers to be the best and show the most expensive, outward sign of an often disproportionate and superficial inward disposition of love. Easter is now about bunnies, parades, beach limes and apparently religiously themed jewellery to show your faith, the same faith that you may not even be practising *sips tea*. Acknowledging my exaggeration and counting on the goodwill of several individuals it may not be as bad as it seems but we can admit that many people have things upside-down. Unfortunately, this superficiality trickles into our everyday lives. How many times today have you thought about those things you ‘NEED’ which you know are really just wants. I too am guilty of this and I strive to refocus ever so often so just remember that in the end what they will really know you by is your LOVE.


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