The Non-dairy Conundrum

by Kimberly Inglis

They should invent a word to describe the sensation you get when the pharmacist tells you that the problem you seem to be having is related to your sinus and so you should lay off the dairy products. As he counted the prescribed tablets, I replied, “Ok for how long?” to which he responded nonchalantly,  “Well I mean you should try to just lay off the dairy as much as possible.”.


When the pharmacist says to lay off the dairy products

I then began to feel quite *insert invented word for sensation here*. Was I hearing correctly or was this a case of mistaken identity? The temptation to run to a doctor for a second opinion was pressing or should I say first opinion since this was not a doctor after all (no offence). Either way, by second opinion I really mean a different opinion that would allow me to continue to consume the dairy products which I’ve grown to love. Is that too much to ask?

Well I guess it was. I began to think of alternatives but I was haunted by images of bread sticks (preferably Pizza Hut) and Creamy Alfredo pasta. I was in my own real life version of ‘Cloudy with a Chance of … every dairy food imaginable’. That night when it was time for my eat-before-taking-the-tablet dinner, I thought to myself hmm no cheese, ok cornflakes and mil…. no not that, crix and…hmmm …ok crix and jam it is! If this were to become a lifestyle change and a drive to be healthier then of course to Google we go. So there it was, now someone explain to me the sorcery of the following picture.


This picture is a screenshot I took while browsing a site that usually has good tips for these types of health/exercise/food related questions. You know things like, “What did I do to deserve this?”,”How to give up dairy and not die?”, “At home remedy to reverse a sinus diagnosis.” I was in the ‘Healthy Eating’ tab as you can see. How you gone advertise KFC on a site like this?? The juxtaposition made the temptation too real and the Zingers are too tasty, not to mention the popcorn chicken, coleslaw and biscuits. If ever there was a time to feel like Pepe the frog ’tis now.


Jesus take the wheel

Am I exaggerating a rather simple situation which people have endured for years? Am I being insensitive to those who have to refuse dairy by force and not by choice? Aren’t there now a wider assortment of non-dairy alternatives available than 10 years ago? Well perhaps so but one must vent and what better way, besides Facebook, to freely and publicly vent than on your very own blog?

In a strange way I’m looking forward to this change as a new adventure and a different experience that I’m hoping would all work out in the end. Sometimes the things that are best for us cause us to be uncomfortable at first but are always worth it. Be mindful that everyone has their no dairy story which at times is as ‘simple’ as that or an even greater and seemingly insurmountable challenge. Do your research, ask questions, support each other and you’d find that the weight will become a little lighter. Keep reading and look forward to more.

And remember: No dairy seems scary but sinus problems suck so don’t press your luck.

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