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So we can all identify with that moment when we wished we had a robot to do all our chores such as go to the grocery, take care of the children, clean, cook, wash etc. In addition, we marvel at the thought of the great inefficiency that would be eradicated if only we worked with such robots. However, this is quickly dispelled by the realisation that we will all be easily replaced and left unemployed if this were the case.

These dreams may be closer to reality than we can imagine. Lately, it has come to my attention that technology seems to be overstepping its boundaries or as we say in Trinidad and Tobago ‘smelling itself’. Take a look at the following picture.


It reads, ‘It seems like you forgot to attach a file. You wrote ‘I am attaching’ in your message but there are no files attached, Send anyway?’

Now just hold up a second. Why is there even an ok option? I for one would feel judged and humiliated to use it because we all know that indeed we did forget to attach that file, so why click ok? Secondly, let’s take a look at that conversational tone. ‘It seems like’ shows me that even robots have a better command of the English language than native speakers. ONE WORD ‘Siri’. I’m not too familiar with using Siri as I am not nor do I think I will ever be a huge mac fan *dodges flying objects* but we know all too well that she is very capable of going so far as to insult you. Anyway, back to the photo. Thirdly, the boldness of the action distracted me from truly appreciating the kind gesture. It’s like finding yourself incapable of saying a genuine thank you for those gifts that you receive from an annoying stalker. BOLDNESS KILLS KINDNESS!! (and yes I just invented that). All in all, that prompt did stop me from sending that awkward blank email to which the receiver then responds ‘Hey, you forgot to attach the file’. Unless of course you ‘forgot to attach the file’ to buy yourself some time, if you get my drift. ┬áSo let’s take a moment to appreciate Google’s tastefulness in relaying such a message as the following picture shows us that politeness is hard to come by these days.


Because just in case the previous reminders were not enough you now have to overemphasize the fact that the battery is not just low NO NO the battery is ‘very low’. Like bruh…… a simple ‘low’ would have sufficed especially with the percentage to tell me exactly how low. I may be lazy so that’s why I ignored previous messages and have yet to plug in my laptop but I’m not stupid, I know what low battery means. Furthermore, I am not instructed to plug in my PC because that is just too civilised to impulse said lazy individuals so ‘plug in your PC now’ was definitely deemed more appropriate. I could not help but laugh when I saw this notification and my second reaction was to snap a picture for a photo opinion post. So please Microsoft I now have a message for you, do not play that annoying, impatient parent who believes that their repetition of a request must increase in volume or harshness the more they ask. I will plug in my computer when I feel like plugging it in. That is, when I deem it fit to exert the necessary energy to lift the weight of my entire body, reach for the charger (which may not be in close proximity), bend to plug it in to the outlet, at times fumble to remember which side of the laptop the port is on (as if this were not a daily occurrence) before taking my seat once again. It’s not easy ok!!!!

With all that said, I do appreciate technology a great deal and no I cannot live without my cell phone or wifi. Can you?

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