by Kimberly Inglis


Now let me just say that folks above a certain age bracket MAY not have the hearty laugh that I did when I stumbled upon this beauty during a Saturday morning shopping run. Basically, the sole knowledge of the original meaning of the word ‘ratchet’ really kills the underlying humour.  My excitement was immediately crushed by my brother in law when I asked “omg do you get it? yuh know what ratchet means?” (as if the modern day meaning I had in my in mind was all that it meant) and he responded “Yeah it’s right there in the pack. What you mean?” *insert the see no evil whatsapp monkey here* *slaps forehead* Because of course I was referring to the actual meaning of ratchet right? ….WRONG!

I won’t go into the exact modern day meaning to step on anyone’s toes but even if I step on your toes would that then be a case of it rightfully falling in your garden? Hmmmmm. I’d adopt a prevention is better than cure approach and go no further. Anyway, I promise that this post isn’t all blab. What really peaks my interest is the semantic change that has occurred (ie the change in meaning). This process is known as pejoration as the meaning of the word has degraded from what it originally meant. For example, the word silly once meant ‘blessed’ or ‘innocent’ but can you imagine what would be your response if i were to casually say “You are such an amazing person and very silly indeed” ummmm …… EXACTLY!! and let’s not even talk about the good ol days when gay used to mean happy. Oh how times have changed and will continue to change. Language is creative and it’s dynamic so you will never run out of things to study. Just imagine that the latest Oxford dictionaries have been modified to include the following words: bae, selfie stick, photobomb and autotune. So from changing words to updated dictionaries and new slangs such as ‘tun up and on fleek’ there’s always something to talk about. Well that’s all for now and remember STAY SILLY 😛

images          RATCHET!!!!!!!!!


Please note and appreciate my mother’s hand which displays the product with such class and finesse lol

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Jenna-Marie September 3, 2015 - 10:40 pm

Haha I swear you find the weirdest things amuzing but hey say what I guess its working out for you now with this blog lol. Good job I had a good laugh

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