Proceed With Caution

by Kimberly Inglis


If you happen to be taking a drive to Maracas Beach or even further you would notice this sign glaring at you at some point along the way. Are we to assume that drivers then ignore the speed limit reminder and focus only on the ‘NO ENTRY?’ The fact that the ‘NO ENTRY’ sign is already fading, slowly making the 8 and the 0 of the previous sign visible again leaves me to wonder. When in fact the words are completely gone, would that road which you are not allowed to enter then become available but only to cars that are driving within the 80 km/h speed limit? Maybe by then the fading ‘NO ENTRY’ strip will be replaced by another one because reduce, reuse and recycle. Efficiency at its best! Is my feigned ignorance, sarcastic tone and evident exaggeration driving the point home? Allow me to elaborate.

It seems that in Trinidad and Tobago, the money collected from tax is accepted as a love offering that goes directly to the pockets of those in power. This is only the least of many examples. Let me differentiate for those who are a bit unclear. A love offering is given freely to be used as seen fit by the one receiving it. On the other hand, according to the Oxford dictionary a tax is ‘a COMPULSORY contribution to state revenue, levied by the government on workers’ income and business profits, or added to the cost of some goods, services, and transactions’. What would it take to completely replace a simple road sign? I believe that doing simple things well allows you to be exceptional in doing greater things. If this cannot be done effectively then any huge blunder on the part of the government should receive no less than a round of applause and a standing ovation, for they would have successfully perpetuated a culture of complacency and laziness. Change must come and can come if we each do what we ought to. I am aware that no government is perfect but ours leaves a lot to be desired.


I’m with Rihanna on this one,”How bout a round of applause…..”

In addition, for some reason this picture reminds me of the eternal battle that exists between men and women. Men claim that they have yet to understand women while women insist that men won’t take the time to understand them or simply miss what’s glaring them in the face.

See video: Every time I ask my girl what she wants to eat 

So who’s at fault? Is it the man or the woman? The government or the citizens? More importantly, rather than blaming others we ought to take responsibility. The government has a role to play and if not, the citizens ought to demand change. Women ought to be very clear and stop expecting men to read hints or figure out the sudoku puzzle that is the female species while men must recognise that they will never come to understand what they have already deemed incomprehensible (this is not a love column but just saying).Ambiguity creates barriers and gates of confusion but fortunately communication is the key. So give it a try and the next time you find yourself in a compromising position, take a deep breath, count to ten and proceed with caution.

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