Made in China

by Kimberly Inglis


Much too often we fail to appreciate the good things in life and so was born that famous saying, ‘You never know what you have until you lose it’. Surely this pacifier would fall into that category of things to be highly appreciated because as the label clearly states this pacifier was ‘Designed to SURE natural development of healthy teeth and gums’. You cannot possibly ask for a better quality product for your baby so jump off that GERBER train and get with this high quality no name brand and let’s be honest with ourselves. Is the Pricesmart brand of dishwashing liquid really of a lower quality than Squezy? Furthermore, if the bottles were switched without your knowledge would you know the difference? This of course is open to debate.

It is clear that these sort of high quality goods can only be the result of the mass production of China (see name of blog post). Not only because of the high standard associated with mass production *wink wink* but due to the evident fact that something was lost in translation along the way. This hardly matters in any case because we all know that Trinidadians do not read instructions or labels. So while you work tirelessly trying to find the last A4 screw to assemble that bed/desk/chair etc incorrectly allow me to fan myself with the assembly instructions while I complain about the heat and how hard it is to assemble said item. Complaints then range from ‘I sure them blasted people forget to include some parts inno’ to ‘See why I not buying nothing from Courts again *steups*’ and even the most ambitious of them all and also my personal favourite ‘Is bess I did make my own damn (insert name of said item)’ because it amazes me that you have the ability to make a product from scratch yet you are unable to browse simple instructions.

So back to the picture and on to my next point. How can something be designed to ENsure the natural development of something else? Allow me to state this again in the form of another question. If I am designing a product for a specific purpose or goal then can it not be said that the process fails to be natural? I am going to invent a fertiliser that ensures the natural growth of plants.

nick-young-confused-face-300x256_nqlyaaWHAT???…. NO!!! 

Sorry to be so particular but maybe ‘aids’, ‘helps’ or even ‘facilitates’ would be more appropriate in this case. In any case, we all know how to use this product and quite frankly it does not matter because chances are you won’t have time to read all of the information. Just in case you thought that children hold the title of ‘Fastest Unwrappers’ there’s nothing faster than the hands of a tired, disgruntled parent who needs to open a new pacifier to quiet the mini Hulk that momentarily embodies their crying baby. THEY my friends are the real MVPs. Can I get an amen? So whenever you come across a crazy translation, check where the product was made just for the fun of it.

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