All up in my Kool-aid

by Kimberly Inglis


Ok let’s play a quick game. From the picture on the left, can you see my left arm? Can you see the other passengers right arm? The answers for these questions are no and yes respectively. This was my predicament one morning on my way to work. ‘Buh why this woman hada be all up in my grill tho?’ I thought to myself as I cringed uncomfortably in my seat. I went into a deep state of reflection. Is it that she’s blissfully unaware of how much space she’s actually occupying? Is the passenger next to her so big that she has no choice but to occupy her space and half of mine? Maybe it has nothing to do with her. What if this car is just too small to ‘wuk taxi’ in our Caribbean island which is now unfortunately famous for this increase in obesity hmm well big things popping (pun intended). We rel GT, no not ‘get through’ rather ‘getting thick’.

There’s also the likely possibility that she couldn’t care less because judging from the looks of it, the content of the newspaper was deemed more interesting. More interesting than making herself a bit smaller so we could have all had a comfortable ride. So there I was paying $5 to be crushed when I can do that for free every evening in City Gate while trying to get a maxi to go home (AC please). This is no easy thing to swallow in a recession, my FIVE dollars for this half ah seat #whatdjail.

In addition, not only is she making my left arm temporarily unavailable and squeezing me into the car door but her hand is positioned on top of my handbag which is on MY lap. A lil more again and she would have sat on top of me. Well that would have truly been the cherry on top of this sundae. I am amazed that I was so skilled to be able to secretly take these two pictures, with the phone on silent of course after learning from many embarrassing shutter sound sell out moments *shudders*. I still admit that it did take me a few tries but all in the name of blogging.

LESSON TIME!! Sometimes we tend to be this lady and we make those around us uncomfortable and sometimes even crush them, metaphorically of course, we crush their spirit by what we do/say or even what we don’t do/say. There are a number of reasons as well, maybe we are unaware of how big we really are (our egos) or we are the ones being pushed on by another and so sometimes even without wanting to we can take it out on someone else or we are busy reading the newspapers (i.e we are too wrapped up in our concerns, feelings and thoughts to consider others) Which category do you usually fall into? Remember that just like you each person is fighting a battle, each person has a destination to reach that may differ from yours and each person is paying a price (to which $5 could never compare) so sometimes the least you can do is step outside yourself, and go out of your way to make them comfortable. Then the least you could have done may be the most that someone else has ever received and this can make a huge difference.

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Vianney-Marie April 13, 2016 - 5:59 pm

oh my gosh….truenesssssssss

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