‘Breathe’: Breaking free from addiction

by Kimberly Inglis

Breathe is a documentary short directed by Jonathan Remple which portrays the effects of free diving as a means of combatting addiction. Rebecca Illing is the sole protagonist of the film but is able to keep audiences engaged with her down to earth nature. Her story is truly inspiring and provides food for thought on our approach to recovery from addiction.

I found this documentary short to be particularly interesting because in the Caribbean diving is popular as a leisure activity. I would have never thought that diving could be a means to cope with and even overcome addiction. It is presented from a different angle and shows a unique link between nature and mankind.

The underwater cinematography provides stunning shots and a fascinating scenery. This four minute film attests to the adage that quality is often better than quantity. It is evident why this film won the award for ‘Best Documentary Super-Short’ in the Best Short Fest festival 2017. Click here to watch the documentary ‘Breathe’.


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