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Pepe the frog

The Non-dairy Conundrum

They should invent a word to describe the sensation you get when the pharmacist tells you that the problem you seem to be having is related to your sinus and so you should lay off the dairy products. As he counted the prescribed tablets, I replied, “Ok for how long?” to which he responded nonchalantly,  […]

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Elusive Raindrop Lover

I’ll chase after you As if we were two raindrops sliding down a window pane Moving at different paces but our direction’s the same I’ll catch you eventually somehow We’ll join so the two shall become one But the wind of an irresistible hopeless romantic suddenly blew you off course You ran in pursuit of […]

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Girl in water

‘Breathe’: Breaking free from addiction

Breathe is a documentary short directed by Jonathan Remple which portrays the effects of free diving as a means of combatting addiction. Rebecca Illing is the sole protagonist of the film but is able to keep audiences engaged with her down to earth nature. Her story is truly inspiring and provides food for thought on our […]

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Panel discussion

When Disaster Strikes

The disaster preparedness panel was hugely anticipated in light of recent hurricanes that ravaged parts of the Caribbean. The panel of specialised professionals, was able to offer a wide range of perspectives on the central focus of the panel, disaster readiness. The panellists were Akil Nancoo, experienced meteorologist working with the Trinidad and Tobago Meteorological […]

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‘Our Waters’:Protecting our marine resources (Panel Discussion)

The first panel discussion of the 2017 Green Screen Environmental Film Festival  was held on Saturday 4th November at the Medulla Art Gallery. Entitled ‘Our Waters’, the panel considered the challenges facing the environment and the responsibility of varying institutions to protect our marine resources. The short film series was relevant, thought provoking and engaging. The […]

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