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Kimberly Inglis

Extension of Expression was started in 2015 as a medium to share my poems and my most sarcastic and funniest thoughts with the world because hey why not? Fast forward three years later and in February 2018 I would find myself starting my own business, K’s Sweet Expressions, which specialises in homemade sweets and treats.   


As I became heavily invested in getting my business off the ground, I gained a greater appreciation for both small and large business owners alike. Have you ever wondered how some people manage to run a successful business while having a social life, raising a family, looking great and finding time to *dare I say it* …exercise while you can hardly make it off the bed when your alarm goes off? Well so have I. Starting my own business while working full time has proven to be a roller coaster of a learning curve that is difficult at times but I realised that it makes for great anecdotes. Not only was I eager to hear the stories of other entrepreneurs but I wanted to share them as well.    


It was then that I decided to repurpose my blog (although I may still throw in a poem or photo opinion post here and there as my creativity leads me). Sometimes the information we find is much like reading from a textbook, it’s not written for newbies and can make the hassle of starting a business even harder.I plan to change that by offering you content that is practical and relevant to our local landscape. In doing so, I can give insight for budding entrepreneurs and all interested persons to delve into this wonderful amusement park of stories and lessons which are often hidden behind the face or name of a business.

Life is a beautiful collection of temporary experiences. Treasure your unique collection, and enjoy sharing it with others. -Matthew Kahn


Entrepreneurs, small business owners and professionals in Trinidad and Tobago are sitting on hidden treasures that they may not even think are worth telling of and which I would like to explore.


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